Energy Audits

The need to reduce energy costs is a crucial business practice. Energy should be seen as an asset and managed accordingly. An energy audit is an inspection and analysis of energy usage, flow and balance for a process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output. Energy audits play a significant role in managing energy expenses and that is why each audit also includes a financial analysis for the identified measures. We assist the client with the what, where and when of energy to ensure a sustainable energy future.
Energy audits are a key part of our energy efficiency services and the first step towards your comprehensive energy management strategy.

Energy Management and Effeciency

Energy Management has a holistic approach to energy. Rising energy prices, climate change legislation and the need to be environmentally responsible all require effective energy management. Energy management includes the planning and operational execution of energy consumption. The main objectives include cost savings, managing energy consumption, resource conservation and efficient day to day operations. Energy management is often neglected due to you focussing on your core business - this is where we will assist to ensure your focus stays on what you do best. Successful energy management must combine an effective strategy, sensible implementation of interventions and awareness - all with a sustainable goal in mind to make energy an integral part of running the business. We will assist you to achieve the long term goal without compromising on the short term.

Fire Services

When purchasing properties or companies, it is often necessary to carry out due diligence assessments to ensure that you have full knowledge of what you are buying. Fire safety is an essential aspect of this, as shortfalls in fire safety standards or lack of maintenance of fire safety systems can require expensive upgrades, making it is essential to ensure this is identified before the purchase. A fire safety audit is an effective tool to identify areas of non-compliance, and thus allow corrective or preventative action. This is a service that will help owners and occupiers to ensure that their buildings are safe and fitted with compliant fire safety installations and that those fire safety installations are maintained in an operational condition. It is therefore essential to ensure continual compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Building Assessments

When purchasing or managing properties or companies, it is often necessary to carry out condition assessments (also referred to as Facility Condition Assessments). It is a systematic inspection, review, and report on the state of a building’s structure and systems. It is an effective tool to identify areas of non-compliance, and thus allow for corrective or preventative action. This is a service that will help owners and occupants to ensure that their buildings are up to standard, well maintained and the asset’s worth is managed. It is therefore essential to ensure continual compliance with the requirements of SANS 10400.

Measurement and Verification

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is the process of quantifying energy impacts due to an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM). There are two basic steps to M&V: Baseline development and performance assessment.
We offer complete M&V services to assist you with knowing what your energy consumption is and also the impact you achieved due to an implemented energy conservation measure - thus the return on your energy investment.

Baseline Development

The primary function of the baseline is to know what your energy consumption is before any energy conservation measure is implemented. The baseline is then applied to calculate the savings (or impact) after implementation. The performance assessment phase will commence after the baseline and implementation periods to determine what the energy consumption would have been under the same conditions to compare apples with apples.


We can assist companies with implementing ISO standards, doing a pre-audit or doing an independent audit. We give guidance through all the required steps and insure all your documents are in order before your SANAS audit. The following popular standards include, but not limited to:

  • ISO 9 001 - Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14 001 - Environmental Management
  • OSHAS 18 001 - Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 17 020 - Inspection Bodies
  • ISO 17 025 - Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  • SANS 50 001 - Energy Management
  • SANS 50 010 - Measurement & Verification
  • ISO 17 021 - Audit & Certification of Management Systems

Most companies already have certain sector specific standards in place or want to implement a specific standard. We'll assist you with audits, conformity assessments and system implementation to ensure that all the requirements are met to achieve or maintain your standards.

Metering Solutions

Metering is very important for any client who wishes to engage in energy management. To measure is to know, and only when you know, a possible solution can be found. We will assist you with metering solutions, report generation and early warning systems on your metering. Online reports, dashboards and data is used for sustainable energy management. Metering is also used for energy bill verification on a monthly basis.
The correct metering points need to be identified to achieve the goal of monitoring. Therefor, a proper metering audit will be done to ensure the correct metering is implemented to achieve your goal. All metering designs are customised to suit your needs.

Renewable Energy

Renewable enegry is becoming more important to ensure lower electricity costs and energy security. Renewable services include, but is not limited to:

  • System specifications;
  • System design; and
  • Implementation.

We will assist you with the best possible solution, not only for the short term, but for the future to ensure a sustainable and viable project. We also assist with project implementation, project management and operations of renewable systems.

Project Development, Management and Implementation

The execution of Energy Audits, M&V and other initiatives alone won't result in a sustainable energy efficient future. This is merely the first steps and corner stones of energy management. Implementation and proper energy management is the final step towards a sustainable energy management and efficiency culture for you. Like any other project, energy projects must be developed, analysed and managed to ensure a successful and financially viable project. When implementation is completed successfully, it must be managed like any other asset for a sustainable future before you will reap the rewards.

We will assist with all your project needs to ensure the inevitable success and efficiency of your energy investment.


Xnovest Water is the sister company of Xnovest Africa and specialise in water efficiency, management and conservation. They provide a full range of water consultancy services and the implementation thereof.

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